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Company Profile:
IOS System is a Malaysian office furniture supplier, specializing in office partitions, office furniture, office open plan and office safe box. Our comprehensive line of office furniture showcases the finest in terms of modern design, practicality and comfort.

Office furniture can very much reflect the company culture. IOS system offers a comprehensive range of office furniture covering traditional and contemporary styles while insisting on durability and functionality of office furniture. Like it with wood, steel or glass, IOS system has it all here.

IOS system is also an office chair supplier in Malaysia, marking benchmarks in the industry for years. We only supply well engineered and designed office chairs. We make sure all of our office chairs are well made with sufficient ergonomic support which is as durable with a strong steel base. We offer range like normal executive chairs, sofa chairs, director chairs etc. to choose from.


The increasing popularity among open plan office design led IOS system to develop office partitions to accommodate such trend. Office partitions are mainly used in creating open spaces in the office, offering collaboration among workforce while maintaining an extent of divisions.

IOS system also supplies safe box for Malaysia offices. Our office safe comes in a variety of sizes, specifications and colors. Some offices might need bulky high security office safe for valuables and cash while some might need ordinary steel office safe for storage purposes. One way or another, we do supply office safes for different requirements.

About Us

The comprehensive line of office furniture that showcases the finest in terms of modern design, practical function and peerless comfort.

High durable and versatile, with our IOS system is able to provide you with a suitable and adequate solution to your satisfaction.

IOS system exudes prestige and professionalism that set it apart in a class by itself. Elegant and modern designs created for maximum utilization of space and functionality.

IOS system is a office furniture supplier Malaysia specialize in design, supply and installation of office furniture and open system inclusive of full range of office loose furniture (writing table, filing cabinet, meeting table, chairs and toilet cubicle.)

Office Workstation / Open Plan Partition

Our office open plan workstation is designed to support businesses and people to work more efficiently. The working environment is changing rapidly. Footprints are shrinking while workforce is growing periodically. Offices today are looking for flexible solution for different varying scenarios. We aim to bring a smarter office environment for businesses to operate in.

Office Visitor Chair

Office Visitor Chairs are perfect to be used in receptionist and lobby area. Our office visitor chairs can be aligned in a row to accommodate several people to sit comfortable while waiting for attendance. It comes in a variety of colors and materials to suit your likings and office environment. These are steady and durable to be used for long term with your office.

Office Link Chair

Our office link chairs are often used in reception, waiting and lobby area to accommodate anticipated large crowd of visitors. They are built with an stainless steel exterior frame to provide strong support. We also included padded foam and cushion to increase the comfort level on our office link chairs. They are the best choice when it concerns a contemporary design and durability.

Office White Board & Notice Board

Our office notice board is made of aluminum frame and 10mm laminated foam integrated on top of 3mm thick plywood. These are very durable notice boards, which come with waterproof feature despite the light weight it carries. We have other offerings on notice boards like cork notice board, stick on board, velvet notice board, foam notice board etc.

Office Study Chair

Study Chairs are often used in training and lecture rooms in the office. The chairs are manufactured with costing issues in consideration so that we can sell the product with an affordable price tag. That being said our office study chair is still built to last in high quality polycarbonate with an integrated wooden flip table. It saves spaces while still achieving maximum functionality.

Office Meeting Table

Office meeting tables are crucial as most ideas are generated from brainstorming among staffs and clients. We understand that very much and instilled in our designing process of office meeting tables. Our office meeting tables are made of fine hardwood with lamination for maximum durability and elegance. It can also be custom made to your likings to suit the space and interior of your office.

Office Director Series

Our office director series is made with distinct elegance to the finest details one can find. The office director chairs are made of genuine leather with a well built stainless steel frame for maximum stability and durability. The office director tables are made of exotic hardwood that enhances elegance in all ways.

Office Executive Chair

The Office Executive Chair is made of exotic genuine leather to offer elegance in design. These are all well crated with precision cutting to achieve a flawless design with comfort. They are built with a strong steel frame that will last for decades. We also practice ergonomic design in our executive chairs for high and low back support to protect from potential injuries.

Office Steel Cabinet

The Office Steel Cabinet is the perfect choice for storage purposes while providing sufficient protection against accidental damages and breaches. We have several choices to choose from including the full height cupboard, drawers with locking bar, 18 compartment steel lockers etc. We are confident our wide range of office steel cabinets can fulfill your storage needs.